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I'm High Maintenance - Can I Camp?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Oh, mercy, was I once a high-maintenance woman.

Growing up, my family enjoyed boating, but the front of a Sea Ray was about as close to the great outdoors as I was comfortable with. I'd always been a girly-girl who preferred to read indoors rather than play outside as a child, and while I loved looking at nature, the thought of actually being in it terrified me.

When I met Taylor, I knew fairly early-on that I would have to push past my intimidation of camping and the outdoors if we were going to have any lasting relationship; it's such a huge part of his life and his passions that my indoctrination into outdoor culture was inescapable. I'll never forget our first camping trip together in the fall of 2015, and as we unpacked unfamiliar gear from the car, I found the urge to offer to help - but I had no idea how to help. Voicing those concerns to him, he simply said, "It's okay, just sit back, relax, and I'll take care of everything." Watching him methodically set up our tent then gather wood to build the campfire, I asked him if he could narrate everything he was doing so I could understand how and why. It was fascinating.

From that night, I was hooked. I loved the quiet stillness of the forest, the warmth of the campfire, stargazing against the riverbank, and the intimacy that comes from sleeping outdoors with someone you love. I went into it expecting it to feel overwhelming, dirty, and boring, and I left feeling lighter, more confident, and grounded.

Of course, I've found ways to make camping life easier by integrating more creature comforts to our experience. I found a mobile kitchen and sink that help me prepare our meals; our sleeping arrangements have varied from tree tents to air mattresses, depending on what kind of site we have. I've branched out with funky lighting, outdoor rugs, and decor to give our site our own personal touch.

So yes - I see you, high-maintenance women, and if I can fall in love with camping and the great outdoors, anyone can! You just need the right guide to help you see it through the right lens. Let us help you make your camping experience exactly what you want from it, from our all-inclusive set-up packages that require zero effort on your part, or even a guided experience where Taylor and I can help you get acquainted with the experience the way he did for me those years ago. Either way, you can't go wrong.

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