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Why Use a Camping Service?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The idea for Big Orange Adventures was born out of a conversation Taylor and I had following some of our first camping trips together; not only does his patient and educational approach to camping make the experience un-intimidating, but he helps cultivate a love, curiosity, and respect for the outdoors. You know how you just see some people in their element, and you know that they are living their best, most authentic selves? That's Taylor Dixon when he's camping.

We wanted to create a way to share that love and expertise with others who for whatever reason haven't been able to take the plunge into the great outdoor experience. Maybe it's someone like me whose family never did anything remotely outdoorsy and just wants to learn from real people how to do this on her own, or maybe it's the family that just doesn't have the time or money to invest in all the gear necessary to do it comfortably. Or perhaps you just want to find some epic new spots to hike or camp.

But then, our gears started turning in another direction. We are big fans of Airbnb when we travel because it's a more affordable option, and it gives us flexibility with choosing what kind of experience we want. It's also great because most offer enough amenities that we don't have to pack or plan as much. So we got to thinking - what if we offered that experience, but at campgrounds?

Just think: what a great way to propose to someone when all you have to do is drive up to your site, and it's already completely set up for a romantic evening under the stars? Or how nice it would be to get away for yourself for a night and not have to plan or prepare a single thing? I used to enjoy spending the night at a hotel for just me away from the craziness of life's demands, but who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to just sit in a hotel room and watch TV? There's no better way to recharge than to get off the grid, plug back into nature, and spend a night under the stars in perfect stillness and peace. With Taylor's background in hospitality and my creative eye for design, we can offer a full range of customized options for your night out, including dinner, drinks, and other options.

Call us today to pick the perfect site and option for your night of camping!

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