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$90 per person + optional additions

If your idea of a perfect outdoor getaway includes a cozy, comfortable camp site that is already set up when you arrive, then look no further than the Solo Path. We'll help you plan, then we take care of all the details - just come and have fun! We can leave you completely alone or stay nearby in case you need anything. Whatever ideas you have, we can make it happen!



The Ultimate Adventure

Choose from one of our luxury packages to have the easiest camping experience ever, or feel free to reach out with an idea of your own, and we'll work with you to customize your own!


Picture it: you drive up to the site and take in the view: a love seat next to a roaring fire, surrounded by dozens of twinkle lights and flameless candles. Two steaks are already marinating and your favorite wine is chilling on the table. A customized playlist quietly hums in the background, and a tent is set up full of soft, luxurious pillows and linens.

We know romance and how to make the perfect campsite for an overnight getaway. Whether you are planning a proposal or just want to get off the grid with your special someone, we can customize your night to be one to remember. 

Base Price: $300 


Tentsile tree tent: $30

Dinner prepared upon arrival (you cook it): $60 (unless specific customized menu is agreed upon)

Wine/Beer chilled and ready: $40



A lot of people opt not to camp simply due to the cost of gear for an entire family. We take that out of the equation and provide everything you need - tents, sleeping cots and bags, pillows, kitchenware, a cooler, and starters for firewood. We even provide insect repellent, a first aid kit, travel toiletries, and citronella candles. You bring the food and family and leave the rest to us! We'll chat with you about where and when you'd like to camp and get the deets on how many people are joining you. 

Base Price: $50 per person up to 6 people (custom price for groups of 7 or more)


- Tentsile Stingray tree tent - $30

- Eno Hammock - $20 per hammock, up to 3



The perfect option for the one who simply wants to get away from it all but sacrifice the time and energy into setting up a great camp site. We provide everything - a tent, sleeping bag, lighting, kitchenware, camping chair, firewood, first aid kit, insect repellent. Just show up ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of silence and peace. 

Base Price: $75 per night 

Add on's: 

- Tentsile Stingray tree tent - $30

- Eno Hammock - $15

- Kayak - $40

- Dinner/Breakfast in Cooler (you prepare): $40

-Wine/Beer chilled and ready: $20